3 Tips for Designing an Event

Designing an event requires a lot of creativity. People want their events to be unique and so as an event designer, you need to come up with lots of fresh ideas all the time. Here are some great tips for designing an event.


Make it an emotional journey

You should design your event in such a way that you are able to create an emotional journey for the guests. This way the event will be memorable. Your aim should be to make the best audience experience.

Choose colors carefully

Colors will make your event venue more appealing. You should try out various colors. It is better to decide on a theme first and then work out your way with the colors. If it’s a formal event, the black color will be more appropriate. You should ignore putting bright colors in case of a formal event. If it’s a wedding or other informal occasion then you can experiment with colors.

You should consider designing from floor to the ceiling

You shouldn’t leave out any space when you design your venue. You should take into account everything from the floor to the ceiling when designing your venue. The backdrop, lighting, carpeting, and other small details should be considered.

You should plan your design ahead. It is always wise to visit the venue first before creating the design ideas in your mind. You should learn about the event so that the design is appropriate for that particular event.…

3 Differences between event Planners and Event Designers

Event planners and event designers may seem like doing the same job. But they actually have very different job responsibilities. Here we will look at the major difference between these two professions.



Event planners mostly deal with logistics. They will arrange for lighting, band, photographer, caterer, and everything you need at an event. An event designer only focuses on the design or décor. They design the sets, work with the florists to decorate a venue, etc. They are not involved in the planning of the event.

They know the event details

Event planners will know about everything that will happen at the event. If it’s a wedding, they will also know the family relationships. They have to keep account of every program that is going to take place in the event along with the timelines so that they can incorporate all the logistics accordingly. A wedding designer doesn’t have to go into these small details about the event.

They will be present all the time

An event planner will stay at the event for the entire time to supervise whether everything is working according to the plan. They will contact the vendors and manage the entire event. An event designer only transforms the space into a visually appealing spot.

An event planner can be an event designer as well. The good thing about this is that you will need to deal with only one professional, and so there will be less hassle. Now as you know the differences, you will be able to call the right professional for your event.…