Handcrafted and Personal

The further I get into this business the more I realise ‘All The Frills’ has something special and unique to offer. I can truly say our events are handcrafted and are personal, because of this they are like no other.

Sometimes I think i’m a little mad when it comes to the amount of time I put into each event, in the last two weeks I have handcrafted: backdrops, drink stirrers, painted jars, made a tablecloth, bunting banners, painted wall art, strung anything from cutlery to resin animals, spray painted my heart out…………..and that was for just one event!

After thinking about this I thought it would be super cool to show you what is involved in the design and styling process of an event.

SO with my clients permission, i’m going to bare all and show BEHIND THE SCENES of my next VERY SPECIAL PROJECT, reveling the design, crafting and styling process.

SO WATCH THIS SPACE and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG so you don’t miss out!


Handcrafted stirrers and painted jars.

See you soon

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