Styled Cheese Table

It’s raining out, I’m rugged up with a Whittaker’s Sante bar hot chocolate………HMMMM!

I thought I would share Saturday afternoon’s comforts, which was a little more sophisticated than a hot chocolate.

I have very special friends and family, who have gone beyond the call of duty supporting ‘All the Frills’, to say thanks I thought I would host a relaxing evening tasting beautiful wines and a selection of cheese.

I love the concept of the cheese table, so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to give it a go. The cheese table concept fit’s in with so many events from weddings to birthdays and the best thing about a cheese table, once it’s set up the host can just sit back and relax while guests graze for hours.

Styled cheese table

Beautiful selection of honey

More honey!


The spread





Thanks for visiting, have a great week.

Mel xo


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