Understanding The Features of Facebook Messenger

Unlike the chat pane on the Facebook site, with Facebook Messenger just about all the friends of yours that have the app installed are actually available and online at all times. No need to check out for a green dot. Thanks for pushing notifications, simply look for a free iPhone icon next to the title of theirs. In case you and the friends of yours all have the brand new app, you are going to save on text messaging expenses.

In the event you do not wish to be troubled with immediate notifications, the Messenger app allows you to switch your alerts from immediate to off for one hour or perhaps off until 8:00 am for digest style info. Before delivering a message, you are able to allow the area of yours in the news. Simply check the small envelope triangle to change it to the blue color. When you get an email in the Facebook Messenger app which has a bit of pin icon, it indicates that individual has disclosed the position of theirs to you. Tap the idea, along with a map opens up to clearly show the actual address.

Tap the View Full Map website link for a full sized map in which you are able to pan around. The blue spot arrow in the information discipline is actually small as well and in close proximity to the send button, which makes it a relatively prone to errors in case you’ve bigger fingers. Overall this GPS location info may be ideal for locating your peeps around town while you chat with them.

You are able to also connect a picture to the communications of yours in the app. Pick from possibly Take Photo or even Choose Photo and you are going to be in a position to include an attachment to the words of yours. Movies aren’t supported right now. Send emails to several friends to begin a team chat. In the eve of technology, you are able to actually work with the facebook of yours as a personal assistant giving you messages to remind you of your schedule just like in personal assistant. Go to blinkthebee.com/fb-messenger-personal-assistant for even more info on this fantastic new way of making use of your facebook messenger app. All of the emails, attachments and location information you’ve on the Facebook Messenger iPhone app each show up on the Facebook site as well, which means you are able to see them in time that is real.